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    Discernment Counseling

    Traditional marriage counseling requires two people who are willing to put maximum effort into improving and/or saving the marriage. It is not fair to use traditional marriage counseling with a couple when one of the partners is not willing or ready to put in maximum effort. This puts unfair stress and responsibility on the partner leaning into the marriage. Discernment counseling facilitates the process of exploring options.

    Only three options really exist.

    1. A couple can stay together at the status quo.

    2. A couple can decide to divorce.

    3. A couple can agree to put 100% commitment into the process of marriage counseling.

    The goal of discernment counseling is to determine whether or not the partner leaning out of the marriage can agree to the high level of commitment that marriage counseling requires. Success rates increase substantially when discernment counseling finds both partners willing to be active in the process.

    Discernment counseling lasts no longer than 4-6 sessions.

    If you are interested in this process or have questions, please contact us today.