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    Life Transitions and Grief/Loss
    We all experience periods throughout life that require a reset, an adjustment, and a new path. I enjoy helping clients navigate this journey as they grieve, heal and create a life worth living!

    Depression/Anxiety including suicide ideation and self-harming behaviors.
    Depression and anxiety can impact our ability to engage in life in an effective and meaningful way. The good news is depression and anxiety can be treated! Don’t continue to struggle when there is help available.

    Past Abuse/Trauma
    Sometimes when we experience abuse or trauma we instinctively discover ways to survive. However, at some point the very skills that helped us survive can become obstacles to achieving what we really want in life. Counseling can help heal those wounds, highlight coping mechanisms that now interfere and retrain our responses so we more effectively create the life we have always imagined.

    I work with couples throughout all stages of their relationship including premarital counseling, marriage counseling and discernment counseling.

    Whether you are needing help communicating with your adolescent, grieving a loss that has impacted the whole family, coparenting, or decreasing conflict within the home, I have experience working effectively with families to enhance relationships and improve communication.

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