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  • Matthew Adams

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    Matthew enjoys working with adolescents, young adults, men, and couples. He has a passion for helping others reach their goals with anxiety, depression, relationships, and career development. Matthew uses a holistic approach that encompasses creating and reaching goals from a mental, physical, and spiritual standpoint. He believes that the key to success is to maintain balance in life and make time for the things that matter most.  

    In addition to working in private practice, Matthew has experience working at a local men’s residential treatment center for addiction. He specializes in helping men with their battle with addiction, improving their relationships with themselves and others, and reconciling them with their families.  

    In his free time, Matthew enjoys spending time with friends, and family, traveling, playing sports, and working in the yard.  

    Matthew is a Certified Prepare and Enrich Facilitator.

    Matthew is under the directed experience and clinical supervision of Carleen Newsome, M.A., LPC, CPCS.