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    Creating meaning and purpose in the midst of change.

    Throughout life it is normal and expected to experience periods of time when we seem to be transitioning from one phase of life to another. Life transitions can be joyful – like when we get married or become a new parent or overwhelming – like when we experience the death of someone close to us or the loss of a job. At other times we may experience a life transition when we change careers, go through a divorce or our children began to leave our home to start their own lives.

    During these transitions it is not uncommon to experience sadness, depression and anxiety. We may feel stuck or frozen not knowing what our next move should be. Often we began to question the meaning or purpose of our lives. Sometimes we even question God or begin to doubt our faith in Him.

    Ironically it is during these times that we can also experience the most growth and eventual fulfillment. Negative emotions such as anxiety actually serve to motivate us to take stock of our dreams, purpose and vision for our lives.

    The key to navigating life’s transitions successfully is to first understand and grieve our loss or how our life has changed, adjust our dreams and create or tweak the overall vision we have for our lives. This intentional process can produce a dynamic, rewarding and purposeful life beyond anything we could have previously imagined.

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